“The Veil”

“The veil of night… The cover of peace… Prayers spoken through stifled hope, and Answers HE speaks will bring complete peace..”  Verse Ref. Ps. 46:10, John 14:27 Charletha Marie resting in hope of You and the truth of Your Holy Scriptures 12.04.18  6:17AM

“Darkness, Desire Hovers”

“Darkness that covers and hovers the night… Your hand gently and lovingly wraps peace, sweet rest around me:  You secure me tight with comfort all sufficient. God and Savior, Eternal, Sustaining, Everlasting:  Mercy unconditional, holding and extending longsuffering patience… Only and Exclusively YOU… YOUR LOVE, Giving and Desiring covers and hovers…” Verse Ref.  Ps. 139:7-10,… Continue reading “Darkness, Desire Hovers”