“Teaches, Blesses, Satisfies”

“He teaches through our humility. He blesses the head that is bowed. He satisfies the heart that is hungry. He fills the soul that is empty.” Verse Ref. Ps.103:1,4,5, Ps.107:9, Ps.119:103, Is.40:28,29, James 4:10  Your daughter Charletha Marie, learning to hunger for Your Holy Word and learning the difficult lessons of humility.   6.23.19  1:41pm


“Purple dawn, diamond like stars spread across the sky. A dove perched itself atop The Stone. Two Angels sent from GOD’s throne stood off to the side at attention, waiting for those who would soon arrive. No Roman Centurion Guards to be found, they had run to the Governor and Chief Priests after having come… Continue reading “As PROMISED”